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THE INCOME SHEET - Add an income entry
QuickBAS Income
About the Income Sheet
- The Income Sheet stores all your income transactions
- QuickBAS lists all your income transactions based on GST status
- Income entries can be GST inclusive, GST-Free or Export Income
- The values are tallied at the bottom of each column
- You can sort entries by clicking on the column header
- You can search for entries using the search field
- You can filter entries by quarter, by category or by search term
The Income Sheet
QuickBAS Income
Add a Single Income Transaction
- You must have created and opened a BAS Worksheet before entering income entries
- Access the Income Sheet using the Income icon in the top menu
- Use the fields at left to enter a new income entry
- Date is entered as DD MM YY
- The categories are those you entered in your Income Category sheet
- The Income Type is usually “Income With GST”
- You may have income which is GST-free or Export Income
- The Total is the full income amount, including GST (if any)
- QuickBAS will calculate GST amounts based on the GST rate and the Category type
- You can edit the GST amount, eg if only a part of the total includes GST
- The Notes area lets you enter details such as invoice number or supplier
- Click “Add” to add the income transaction to the list
Add An Income Entry
QuickBAS Income
Add a Repeating Income Entry
- Your business may have regularly repeating income transactions
- You can add multiple repeating transactions in one step
- Add an entry as above, using the Date field as the start date
- Use the “Repeats” dropdown to choose daily, weekly or monthly repeats
- Use the “Repeats Every” dropdown to choose the repeat period
- Use the “Repeats Until” dropdown to choose the end date
- Note the “Add Entry” button now shows the number of entries to be added
Add A repeating Income Entry
QuickBAS User Guide - Add An Income Entry