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Bookeeping, Tax and Business Activity Statements Rocket-Fast!

If you run an Australian small business or are a sole trader your accounts are probably the last thing you like to do. The big brand-name accounting software packages are expensive, complicated and takes a big chunk of your time.

QuickBAS makes your Business Activity Statements (BAS) and tax quick and easy.

QuickBAS makes doing your tax and BAS a breeze. We have made QuickBAS especially for Australian small businesses and sole traders, not big companies. QuickBAS will help with tax preparation and gets your Business Activity Statements done quickly and easily.
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QuickBAS is made in Australia specifically for Australian small businesses. It is not international software that has been modified for Australian conditions. If Australian laws change, QuickBAS will be updated to reflect the new laws.

Easy to Use

QuickBAS has been specifically designed to be easy to use. The layout is intuitive, and there is almost no learning curve. You will be up-and-running within minutes and have your BAS and Tax done rocket-fast.

Windows + Mac

QuickBAS works on all Windows and Mac computers. It has no special hardware or software requirements. It works on the latest operating systems as well as old operating systems. It just works.

Built-in Backup

Backing up business data is vital. In fact, the ATO requires businesses to keep records for a minimum of 5 years. QuickBAS includes a robust and easy-to-use backup system to keep your business data safe.

One-off Price

Unlike other accounting software that insist on monthly or annual subscription fees, QuickBAS has a single one-off purchase price. Buy it once, use it forever. There is even a free trial so you can try before you buy.

Time Saver

You hate doing the BAS. You would much rather run your business. Time is money. QuickBAS makes your bookkeeping so easy, it will save you valuable time, and money.

Multiple Businesses

If you have multiple businesses to keep track of, QuickBAS allows you to store as many businesses for as many tax years as you need within the one app.

Free Trial

Don't take our word for it. Give QuickBAS a quick free trial. The free trial will help you decide if QuickBAS suits your business needs. Download QuickBAS here.
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