QuickBAS - Small Business BAS and Tax News

Whats New in QuickBAS 1.5.0?

QuickBAS 1.5.0 is a major update to the QuickBAS tax and BAS app.

New Feature - Mark Worksheets as complete
Worksheets can be marked as "complete" to reduce clutter on your home page. Click on the green checkbox on the BAS Manager page. Completed worksheets are greyed-out and can't be edited while marked as complete. You also have the option to hide completed worksheets by clicking on the controller in the heading. You can make all worksheets visible and unmark as complete at any time.

New Feature - HiDPI and Retina Graphics
QuickBAS now displays text and graphics in high resolution for users with compatible computers. All graphics updated for a more modern and intuitive look.

New Feature - QuickBAS Standard and Pro versions
QuickBAS now comes in 2 favours - Standard and Pro. The standard licence allows you to use QuickBAS for a single business, while the Pro licence lets you use QuickBAS for multiple businesses. Both allow use for unlimited tax years. All existing users are automatically upgraded to the Pro licence.

New Feature - ATO Simpler BAS
The BAS Calculator page now has the option to show the ATO's Simpler BAS labels.

New Feature - Batch Editing Wages
Employees, wages, tax withheld and superannuation can now be batch edited.

New Feature - Edit Business Details
Your Business Name, ABN and contact details are now editable. These details are for your own reference and also appear on printouts and exported pdf documents.

Many New Usability Features
  • Hover over the Notes field to read a long note
  • The Notes entry box expands to show the entire Note
  • More punctuation allowed in Notes
  • GST-free expenses are now incorporated into Capital and Non-Capital value
  • Printouts are more legible and labeled with business details
  • Printouts now show if BAS amounts are refundable or owing
  • BAS calculator page greys-out (rather than hides) unused labels

Bug Fixes
  • Editing Income Categories no longer deletes category name
  • Importing bank data with odd date formatting fixed
  • Registering hyphenated names no longer causes an error
  • Allocation of GST-free expenses now separated into Capital and Non-Capital